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Recommended Order Ratio...1-MOO-Slick... 2-MOO-Tor Cleaner... 3-COW DUSTER
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Cow Performance Aerosols...
R/C Silicone: protector - release agent
• Heat stable…. Ideal for all exposed Gears, Electric transmissions,
  differential and bearing preparation, all suspension components
• Forms a dry dirt repelling, protecting shield for all your R/C parts
• Repels corrosion, aids in the repelling of dirt-contaminants from
  treated areas
• The perfect compliment when used with NO. 805 COW DUSTER
Non-flammable R/C duster
• Blows dirt and grime from hard to reach places
• NON-Flammable -Contains no ozone depleting chemicals
• Perfect when used with NO.789 MOO-tor Cleaner Degreaser
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MOO-Slick NO.077 is a fast drying silicone based application that is unaffected by water or oils, heat stable to 400+ degrees, will not; freeze,
melt, throw or, collect dust. Fabric, plastic, metal, and paint safe. Replace all your current R/C lubricants that are not dependent on oil weight
(IE: Differentials) and get the job done better. Repels corrosion, rust, and pitting of metals. Stops sticking, premature aging, and drying of plastics. Eliminates squeaking, squealing, and other friction related noises. Will not leave any greasy or oily films.

Experience a truly smooth rolling drive train like never before. Completely changing the idea of cleaning your R/C; Truly a unique Lubricant, protectant, and release agent in R/C.

Our 20oz can is marked as 12oz… We only count the actual usable product as contents and not the propellants or fillers.

DIRECTIONS:Thoroughly clean the surface to be sprayed. Spray a light film with a sweep motion. When used on sticking surfaces, work object back and forth. Spray again if necessary.
R/C motor cleaner and degreaser
• Ideal for the proper cleaning and maintenance of - R/C motors- gears - suspensions
• Effectively removes oil - grease - dirt- grime - most contaminates
• Electric and Nitro maintenance with one can
DIRECTIONS: Shake can well before using. Spray liberally on surface to be cleaned and allow to run off. Use attached extension tube for pinpoint cleaning. Use an abrasive on surfaces with heavy carbon deposits or corrosion, remove residue with intermittent spray before reactivating system. Periodic planned maintenance prolongs life expectancy of components and helps eliminate the formation of carbon deposits and corrosion that causes leakage. Resistance measurements can be used to determine frequency of re-application.
MOO-tor Cleaner and Degreaser NO. 789 is a very low flash point, fast evaporating cleaner and degreaser that is ideal for cleaning all your rc parts. Effectively removes grease, oil, soil, and other contaminates. Will not weaken electrical insulations, contacts, relays, and circuit boards. Electric, Nitro, and Gas maintenance is now available in one can! Perform regular maintenance cleaning in 1/10 the time.

Prevents corrosion and electrical malfunctions caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation by displacing moisture. Plastic, Fabric, Paint, and metal safe. Will not cause premature aging, or drying of components, leaves no residue or films.

20oz can is marked as 13.5oz… We only count the actual usable product as contents and not the propellants or fillers.
DIRECTIONS: Hold can in upright position when activating trigger. Do not shake or invert while spraying. For pinpoint jet, insert extender tube firmly. Keep can pointed away from eyes or face while inserting tube. Spray in short bursts until contaminates are removed. Inverting can while discharging will cause freezing liquid spray to occur. Avoid contact with eyes or skin.
COW DUSTER NO. 805 is a High Pressure air duster for the precision removal of dirt, dust, and particulates. Not a repackaged computer cleaner; rather a portable compresor like 100 PSI. Our non-flammable formula allows 10oz of product in a can 2/3 the size, unlike our competitors air products. Lipo safe! travel and pit area friendly.

Trigger control top and extender tube for pinpoint accuracy.

Our 12oz can is marked as 10oz… We only count the actual usable product in the can as contents and not the propellants or fillers
R/C Maintenance and protection Redefined!
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