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Southern Bad Boy Patrick Rossiter joins the CowRC Factory Team.

Patrick Rossiter has been involved in RC his entire life. His father has been involved in the hobby for 30+ years so he has been exposed to racing from day 1. Even his first trip once home from the hospital after birth was out to Lake Mayer Raceway (now Phil Hurd Raceway). He was born …

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Young phenomenon CJ Jelin joins the CowRC Facotry Team.

Already making big waves on the west coast and nationally, young CJ shows us what is possible. Big dogs at the top, this young man beings it when he hirs the track. This is a young career to watch. Welcome to the family!!! Jeremy Moser, CowRC Head Factory Team Manager

Austin Woodyard. Young, ambitious and fast! Already well respected and much loved in the sport, has joined the CowRC Factory Team!

There a lot of young names in the game these days, and there are just some that stand out. So, it is with great pleasure that I announce what we hope will be a long and happy partnership with Austin Woodyard and his family here at the Factory Team. Congratulations Austin and Curtis. Welcome to …

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Adam Drake Still laying it down! TQ and 1st Place.

There are some names in the RC Industry that are legend. Adam Drake is one of those names. With more years involved in racing than a large amount of the current top 25 in the world have even been alive, Adam proves time and time again, that he is still one of the hardest to …

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Adam and Ronda Drake keeping the legacy alive!

Dialed In Raceway host the second annual Stadium Nitro Shootout.  The event is part of the Legendary Adelanto Grand Prix that has over 20,000 spectators.  Friday’s practice was limited due to rain throughout the day, but the weather was great for the 1/8th event on Saturday.   The track was fast, flowing and had huge jumps!  …

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Factory Team Member James Rodriguez having a blast at the 2017 Reedy Race.

It is a special feeling you get when one of the most amazing events going leavea a spot for you. Congratulations to Factory Team Member James Rodriguez on a great showing at the 2017 Reedy Race of Champions at OCRC. Jeremy A Moser, Head Manager CowRC Factory Team

Mr. David Jeffery joins the CowRC Factory Team

Long time racer, helper and all around nice guy! Mr. David Jeffery joi s the Factory Team. The current Head Team Manager for FTM Grip and long time supporter of all things RC. he is fast, fun and a heck of a nice guy! Welcome to the Family!!!

Mark Sanchez, Mugen Team Driver, joins the Factory Team.

All around nice guy and funny man, Mr. Mark Sanchez joins the CowRC Factory Team. Always up for a laugh and willing to help out track side and in life. Well respected and faster every time he hits the dirt! Welcome to the family Mark!!!

Derek Forget, the second half of our Father and Son match up, joins the Factory Team.

Like father, like son! At least thats how I hear it! With a strong racing program and very friendly to the Cow, we welcome, young Mr. Derek Forget to the CowRC Factory Team. Ummmmmmm yummy green grass!!!

Mr. Corey Charlick, CowRC supporter and Agama Team Driver, joins the Factory Team.

It does not matter if you are at the track or in the home of Mr. Corey Charlick. You are sure to be treated well and see just how much this man loves him some cow. Always fast and always polite! Willing to go the extra lap on and off the dirt. Corey joins the …

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