Brennan Schimmel brings home the wood at Motorama 2017.

Race Report by: Brennan Schimmel

This past weekend I attended the 2017 motorama in Gaithersburg PA. I ran my XB8 E buggy and XB2 2wd buggy.

We showed up thursday night checked out the track and awaited until morning to get on the track. In the 2wd practice rounds I was running pin tires but quickly found out that super soft Chainlinks sauced by FDJ gold was the way to go. I seeded at bottom of the C main which is really good for me for the competition I was up against. After all the qualifiers I started dead last in the C main. In e buggy the car felt great all throughout the track. I was on a very fast TQ run until the last minute of the race my tire came off. I ended up finishing the race and qualifying 5th overall I just had some problems with to much side bite all weekend long no matter what we did.

Main time and I was ready. In 2wd I started from the back and I had a plan to let the rest of the pack tangle each other up and that’s exactly what happened. After the first lap I was in 4th place and right behind 2nd and 3rd for the last bump spot to the b main. I raced nice and smooth unfortunately 2nd and 3rd both crashing right in front of me with only a minute left to go and sending me straight to the back of the pack. Even tho I didn’t finish where I wanted to I had a ton of fun racing with the top guys.

E buggy the first main I was battling for 2nd for half of the race with first place starting to check out. I started getting a little anxious and tried to make a pass on the middle straight but traction rolling out of the corner and having 3rd and 4th pass me and I would finish 5th For the first A1
A2 was a second story I came in ready and to run a clean race. That’s exactly what I do holding onto the 1st place spot after a few laps into the race and holding onto it until I had some more side bite issues and rolling out of some turns. The last lap 2nd rolled it and I passed him and should have finished for 2nd still not sure how I got third as Scotty called me done for 2nd. I finished 4th overall.

I would like to personally thank Brian Lewis and Landen Lewis for some setup tips. Helped a ton. Pres Ilog for getting me on the Aka rubber to keep me on the track, and all of my rc friends, family and sponsors for all they do for me.

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