Monthly Archive: July 2014

CowRC Custom Pro-Mag 14″ x 24″ Screw Catcher Hybrid Mat

GOT ORGANIZATION? with this CowRC Custom Pro-Mag 14″ x 24″ Screw Catcher Hybrid Mat and 4.5″ x 18″ Parts Tray you do. Featuring a whopping 36 pockets!  Like this custom made set? Order your own in one of our 5 themes Fire, Urban, Splatter, USA, or Skulls for only $59.99 – Team CowRC

Custom CowRC Pro-Mag 20″ x 30″ Screw Catcher Hybrid Mat and Matching Part Trays for Mattzilla!

If you you know awesome RC chassis’s than you know of custom builder/fabricator Mattzilla!Check out this Custom CowRC Screw Catcher Hybrid Mat and matching Screw Catcher Part Trays newfound product rocker Mattzilla RC Works posted on his Facebook page said, “Thank you very much Brenda Sumner for the awesome gift. I’m so use to give’n …

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CowRC sponsored 2014 Hobby Haven Off-Road Shootout “Sportsmanship Award” Jumbo Screw Catcher Work Mat

Check out this sweet sportsmanship award Trophy Mat for the CowRC sponsored Hobby Haven Off Road Shootout! MOO-Yeah!– Team CowRC

CowRC Sponsored Mad Cow Bash 3 Trophy Mats

Here they are cowlings! Trophy Mats for the upcoming Mad Cow Bash 3 presented by EgyptSean Productions! It’s coming! MOO-Yeah! – Team CowRC

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