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Mike Eaton And The Retired Cow Lid!

Team MOO-volution member Mike Eaton AKA Budhatrain is retiring his epic CowRC repping lid tand giving it shelf duty! It’s very nice to see that you have kept it in such a great condition and we look forward to seeing round 2 sir! We sure do appreciate having you on the team Mr. Eaton! – …

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Mike Eaton, Part of Team MOO-volution placing 2nd @ NR/CTPA!

Congrats goes out to Team MOO-volution member Mike Eaton on his second place in the 4wd shafts class at the NR/CTPA! We really love the looks of that Wraith sir, very well done! You deserve it! – Team CowRC Original thread:

Team MOO-volution Member Mike Eaton Winning With the Zilla 4!

Team MOO-volution member Mike Eaton, AKA Budhatrain took his EPIC Zilla 4 First Blood build out to compete in the Retro class at his local track and he won! He did have to make some adjustments to his rig, but it was totally worth, and what great job our friend! You definitely deserve it sir! …

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JMW RWYB & Jr Series Weekend Recap 5-11-13

This past weekend JMW Motorsports Inc. R/C ran the RWYB and Jr. Class. The racing started off with the interesting Jr. series in which Timothy Meadows flat dominated and finished atop the podium. Travis Meadows was fast and focused but couldn’t catch his older sibling and finished second. Jason Morgante ran his first race and …

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JMW-SCT ST & RWYB Pave Series Weekend Recap!

This past weekend JMW Motorsports Inc. R/C ran the Short Course Truck and Stadium Truck Series and the Pavement Series. The race day started out the the thrilling Short Course Trucks on challenging motocross track. The always focused and and stunningly fast Ryan Scott was dialed in and took first on the podium. Tim Meadows …

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No Limit R/C of Pennsylvania – 2013 Points Race #2

With the May schedule change, we will be kicking off the 2nd Points Series Race of 2013 on June 9th, 2013! The new track layout is breaking in, and man is it FAST – the weather is getting steadily better, and this leads to a FAST track, and a lot of fun! For more details …

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Custom Screw Catcher Flat Mat Table Top for videographer Marcus White of 505RC!

Custom Screw Catcher Flat Mat Table Top for videographer Marcus White of 505RC! Check out the video for an up close and personal view 

JMW-RVA Hobbies Day Weekend Recap 4/27

This past weekend at JMW Motorsports Inc. R/C park was RVA Hobbies Day. The racing was both grueling and exciting! The weekend started off with the thrilling RWYB Jr. series on the High Bank Oval track which JMW Team member Timothy Meadows was insanely fast and took top spot on the podium Team JMW driver …

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CowRC Goes Mobile! Yup… We got an app for that!

CowRC goes Mobile! The official CowRC Mobile Site, Android, and IOS Application! In it’s Beta stage but running like a charm and awesome reviews are coming in! Get your everything CowRC fix in one easy to use and navigate Application!Released only 24 hours ago with over 65+ mobile app Downloads and just shy of 600 …

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A Year in the Life * Team L.E.R.K *

CowRC sponsored Team L.E.R.K brings you this fantastic video “A Year in the Life *Team L.E.R.k*” by our friends @ LowBudgetProductions! Filled with stunning scale action… this is an awesome watch and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you in vimeo HD! – Team CowRC A Year in the Life * …

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